Best Budget Travel Pyramid Country Egypt

Introduction For Best Budget Travel Pyramid Country Egypt:

Everyone love to travel. If the destination is Egypt, then its increases our  thrill . Egypt means the land of pyramids, pharaohs and the Nile. When we hear the name of Egypt, the pyramids on the sand float our eyes. Today i tell you about the historical  trip to Egypt. Everywhere along the banks of the Nile there are traces of ancient Egypt.

Before we starting the story of Egypt travel,  tell you some things about the history and geographical location of Egypt. The history of Egypt’s civilization began before 6000 BC. So it is a country of very ancient civilization.

The geographical location of this country is, Egypt is located in the north east of the African continent.

It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Sudan is south, Libya is  west, Israel and the Red Sea is  the east. The desert country of Egypt is located on both banks of the Nile

Egypt is  mainly Muslim country of 100 million people. The main language is Egyptian Arabic. Most of the people are here do not know English language. Some good restaurants, hotels and drivers understand English. So it is very difficult to talk to most of the people here.

Best Budget Travel Pyramid Country Egypt

Basic ideas for Best Budget Travel Pyramid Country Egypt:

So far I have told you the basic ideas of the trip. Now let’s know about the travel, accommodation and food. Find out which airlines fly to Cairo from the country you  departing from. Book the ticket after knowing the details of this matter.

When you reach Cairo airport end  immigration proses first than  exchange some dollars from airport. You will book the hotel in advance, you can get the best rate if you book after knowing well from different hotel booking  websites . Breakfast is complimentary in most  of the hotels but be sure this mater before booking. Wifi is not free in the hotel

 Check the distance to the hotel from the airport on Google Maps and then book the hotel. You must download Cairo city map offline. Exit from airport and take a taxi for go to hotel. Pay at £5 per kilometre, bargain for cheaper. Buy a new SIM card from a mobile operator shop on the way to the hotel. The SIM card costs a bit more but you will find it very useful. It will be very useful for booking train or bus tickets, booking hotels, talking to the driver.

History of Egypt:

Ancient Egypt (c. 3100 BCE – 332 BCE):

Early Civilization: Egypt’s history dates back to 3100 BC. It was first started during the reign of King Narmer.

Pharaohs and Pyramids:

Egypt is perhaps known for there pharaohs, the divine rulers of the land. known for The construction of pyramids, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, reflect the sophistication of ancient Egyptian engineering and architecture.

Middle Kingdom (2055 BCE – 1650 BCE):

Political Stability: Middle Kingdom period of Egypt’s  is characterized by political stability, economic prosperity, and cultural excellence. This time pharaohs focused on expanding trade and building infrastructure.

New Kingdom (1550 BCE – 1070 BCE):

Military Expansion: In This period  rise powerful pharaohs like Thutmose III and Ramses II, who expanded Egypt’s territory through military conquests.

Cultural Flourishing: The New Kingdom is also known for its cultural achievements, including the construction of magnificent temples and  famous Valley of the Kings.

Modern Egypt (19th century – present):

British occupation: In  19th century, Egypt came under British control. The construction of the Suez Canal in  late 19th century made Egypt’s role in world trade more important.

Independence: Egypt gained formal independence in 1952 through the Egyptian Revolution led by Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Contemporary Era: Egypt has seen various political changes and challenges in the modern era, including the Camp David Accords with Israel, economic reforms, and political upheaval.

Best Budget Travel Pyramid Country Egypt

Best Budget Travel Pyramid Country Egypt tour start from here:

After arriving in Egypt, check-in at the hotel, enter your room and freshen up before taking lunch. After the meal you can take a rest or go out to explore the Cairo city . Cairo city never sleeps like other mega cities. The streets are crowded with people till 2-3 in the night. There is no tight security so you can travel in city  with peace of mind.

But keep some things in mind – things are quite expensive for foreigners in Egypt especially in Cairo. For example train tickets for locals are charged minimum but foreigners pay more extra money. Every local shop in Cairo sells anything to foreign tourists at exorbitant prices. So you check, bargain and buy things at  fair price by reducing the price.

 When you booking a car Bargain with everyone, from taxi drivers to horse cart drivers, or you’ll pay lot more for it. But you can get Uber at reasonable prices in this city, so it’s always wise to book an Uber to get around. Cairo’s security system is very good, so theft and robbery do not happen here.

Part I: Cairo and Giza for Best Budget Travel Pyramid Country Egypt.

Begin the first phase with a city tour of Cairo and Giza.

There are many travel agencies in Cairo, they offer  package tour for travel at museum, pyramids and other site seen. But these package tours are very expensive. Rather, you can travel independently by taking a taxi. If you travel without a guide in historical place, you will  deprived of many important information. So take any traveling guide with you after buying the ticket, guide fees are not much its reasonable.

Muhammad Ali Mosque Compound:

One of the most notable places to visit in Cairo is the Muhammad Ali Mosque. It opens at 8 in the morning, so come here after having breakfast in the morning. Tickets cost around £150 per person.

The entire compound has 2 mosques, 2 museums and 2 ancient forts used in World War II. There is a military base camp and luggage storage facilities. All the installations of this compound have its history narrated. Almost the entire city of Cairo can seen from the walls of the citadel. It will take about 2 hours to visit the entire mosque. After visit this place you go straight to the Cairo Museum.

Best Budget Travel Pyramid Country Egypt.

Cairo Museum.

Best Budget Travel Pyramid Country Egypt’s In this episode you see Cairo’s heritage museum.

There are many museums in Cairo, that one I visited is called ‘The Royal Mummy’s Hall’.

There are 3 types of ticket available to enter the Royal Mummy Hall. Standard ticket cost £160. You cannot enter the Royal Mummy Room with this ticket, you have to buy a £300 ticket to enter here. You have to pay extra 50 pounds for taking photos with camera. Take a guide with 50-60 pounds, you will know many unknown facts which are not written in any book.

It will take aprox 2 hours to visit the entire museum. Now go out and have lunch at a restaurant, then go straight to Giza pyramid compound.

Giza pyramid compound:

All the famous pictures we see the pyramids of Egypt those are from Giza pyramid compound. There are basically 3 pyramids side by side which are Grandfather, Father and Son. There are also many other pyramids, belonging to queens, priests or royal servants.

Ticket cost £160 per person to enter the Giza pyramid compound. This ticket allows you to climb up to 50 feet of the first pyramid, then enter through a gate which you have to pay an extra pound. You can go inside if you want.

After visit Pyramid proceed to Panorama Giza / Camel Riding Spot. A beautiful view of 3 pyramids are available from here. : Hire A camel: and take photos from here. Hire camel after bargaining. If you want to explore the desert for a while, hire a camel for 1 hour.

Spend as much time here as you want and leave before 5 o’clock in front of the springs, because no one is allowed here after 5 o’clock. According to Greek mythology, Springs is a winged monstrous figure with the body of a lion and the head of a woman. However, in Egypt it is used to denote the power of Ramesses/Pharaohs rather than demons. Stop here and take photos, leave this place before 5 o clock..

 learn more about the history of the Giza pyramids, I purchased ticket for the light and sound performance. At 7:00 p.m., the program begin. This one-hour program contains all the knowledge concerning the pyramids and the rule of three kings. This is a  lovely show.

Step Pyramid and Museum:

If you have enough time please visit this step pyramid. It is substantially older than the Giza pyramids, although not being as large. The Step Pyramid is often known as the Pyramid of Diz locally. It  found at Saqqara. Moreover, it is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The museum was included in the £150 ticket price for entry into the pyramid. You have to visit the museum first, and then you trek to the pyramids. guide  available for you near the pyramid; feel free to take one.


Alexandria is 220 kilometers away from Cairo and is a port city. Trade was centered in this city already before the year 2000 BC. The city as Egypt’s capital when Emperor Alexander was in power. At the time, the tallest man-made tower was the Alexandria Lighthouse.

Alexandria is a beautiful place for  day outing. Apart from the historical sights here, you can spend your time boating in the sea. Of course, don’t forget to eat seafood.

Buses from Cairo for Alexandria run hourly starting at sunrise. The trip will take roughly three hour. There are two excellent bus services—Go Bus and Blue Bus—that go from Cairo to Alexandria. There will be roughly 100 pounds in rent. Get aboard the bus in the morning by purchasing a ticket at the counter. First, when you go to Alexandria, check it out.

Pompey’s Pillar:

The entrance fee to this place with two springs and a pillar is £80. The interior is very beautiful and ideal for photo shoots, just a short walk through the tunnels you will find stone buffalo statues and ancient artifacts in some caves. After spending an hour here, you can go to the sea beach.

The Citadel of Kaitbey:

Best Budget Travel Pyramid Country Egypt.

Citadel means fortress or palace, next to it was the Alexandria lamp house, which is no longer there and has been completely destroyed due to the earthquake. This fort  once an army base. A £60 ticket is required to enter. There is nothing to see inside but the view of the ocean from behind the fort is beautiful.Now leave and eat lunch at a restaurant in the area. This is the location for boat rent.

Part II – “LuxorBest Budget Travel Pyramid Country Egypt.

Why Luxor is famous?

Ancient Egypt’s capital city was Luxor.
Luxor, which was formerly known as Thebes, is now regarded as the world’s largest open-air museum and is the location of some of Egypt’s most well-known temples, tombs, and monuments.

Luxor is a city which rich in history like Cairo. Luxor is a very beautiful city than Cairo. Tourists can go directly to Luxor from Cairo or via the city of Hurghada.

From Cairo to Luxor, there are bus and train both options. However, bus travel is significantly less expensive for foreign visitors than train travel. It is preferable to take a night bus if you frequently travel at night. Time and a night’s hotel stay are saved by doing this.  Luxor to Cairo by bus will set you back about £250. It will take roughly 8 or 9 hours to complete this 650 km journey. before your trip, book a hotel in Luxor from Cairo.When you arrive in Luxor, relax. Proceed to the Luxor Museum after lunch.

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