Ayodhya Tourist Places Visit In One Day

Introduction about Ayodhya Tourist Places:

At this time I am tell you how to travel Ayodhya, the city of world science Lord Shri Ram Ji. Shri Pawan Dham Ayodhya attract all of us with its glorious culture and civilization, so friends, today I am going to give you complete information about the darshan trip to Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram, if you also want to visit Lord Shri Ram. If you are planning  come to Ayodhya for darshan of Mata Sita and Hanuman ji, then today’s article is very helpful for you. After reading this article completely, you will know about Ayodhya.

If you read this full article not have any problem related to darshan. Friends, in this article we talk about how to reach Ayodha, after reaching here, where should you take hotel or Dharamshala, what are the arrangements for food and drinks here. What is the right way to visit Ayodhya, what is the relief, which major temples you can visit here, and in the end we will talk about how much budget you will be able to save in this Pawan Yatra. So let’s start.

Ayodhya Tourist Places Visit In One Day

How To Reach Ayodha:

Know how you will reach here, friends. The best and cheapest way to reach here is train. Ayodhya has two well-connected railway stations, the first being Ayodhya Junction and the second being Ayodhya Camp. Here you will get direct trains from every major station. The distance of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple from Ayodhya Junction is about 1 km, while the distance of Ram’s Puri Saryu Ghat is about 3 km, where you can reach comfortably by paying an rickshaw fare of ₹ 10 to ₹ 20.

Talking about Ayodhya Containment Railway Station, the distance from here to Ram’s house is about 11 km. You can reach Saryu Ghat very comfortably by paying 40 to 50 rupees by e-rickshaw. If you do not want to travel by train, then friends go to Faizabad by bus, the distance from Faizabad to Ayodhya is only 8 kilometers so  you can also travel by rickshaw. If you want to come to Ayodhya by flight, then there is Nearest Airport Lucknow Airport is located at a distance of about 150 kilometers from  Ayodhya. You will have to come from Lucknow by train or taxi.

Best Place For Stay At Ayodha:

Now let’s talk about where would be the best place for you to stay in Ayodhya. And how much will you have to pay for a room in Ayodhya. If you planning a one day trip to Ayodhya and want to stay overnight , then the best place to stay is near the railway station. There you will also find many ashrams and dharamshalas to stay like Gujarati Dharamshala, Shri Ram Atithi Niwas, Shri Balaji Dharamshala and many more.

Hotels  also be found here. If you stay then it will be very easy to visit entire Ayodhya, because Hanumangarh is situated at a distance of 1 kilometer from here and Ram Janmabhoomi is situated at a distance of 2 km and other major temples are also within the range of two to three kilometers. Which you can see completely even by traveling on foot. So if you want to take a room in Dharamshala here, then you  get a room in Dharamshala for ₹ 400 to ₹ 600 and if you want to take a room in a hotel, you pay for this ₹ 700 to ₹ 900.

Visit Ayodha’s Temples:

Now let’s talk about which temples you have to visit after reaching Ayodhya and which temples you have to visit. So friends, before having darshan of Ram Lala, every person likes to go and take a dip in Saroju river. This is because it is believed that by taking a dip in this river one gets freedom from all sins and troubles.Some of the major ghats include Laxmangarh, Janaki Ghat, Dashrath Ghat and Rajghat, all these ghats are connected to each other and the distance of all these ghats is around 3 to 12 kilometers from the railway station,

After taking bath in Saryu river, as soon as you move ahead from here, you will see Nageshwar Mahadev ji near Ram Bade.According to the legend, it is believed that this temple was built by the son of Lord Shri Ram and the structure of the temple shows Divya Nagas worshiping Lord Shiva.

Visit Hanumangarh:

Go to Hanumangarh to see Lord Hanuman, the protector of Ayodhya. Which is situated at a distance of 2 kilometers from Ram Ki Pyaari.  There is a belief in this place that Shri Ram Ji himself had given this place to Hanuman Ji after returning to Ayodhya. it is also believed that before darshan  Ram Lala, you  have to come here  Hanumangarh and seek the blessings of Hanuman Ji. Only then will you be able to successfully darshan of Ramchandra ji. So , before visiting Ramchandra ji  coming to Hanumangarh, do not forget to take the blessing of Hanuman ji.This temple is situated on a hill, so to reach the temple you will have to climb about 76 serials. And along with Bal Hanuman ji, you can also have darshan of Mata Anjani in this temple

Dashrath Mahal:

After having darshan here, now let’s go to other major temples. As soon as you walk some distance further, you will see Darshan Mail. This is the residence of King Dashrath, where Shri Ramchandra ji spent his childhood. And if we talk about the timing here, Dashrath Mahal is closed from 12:00 noon to 4:30 pm and after that Dashrath Mall opens.

Ayodhya Tourist Places Visit In One Day

move ahead at a distance of about 500 meters and you will get to see  Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temples where once Ram used to sit here but now due to the successful efforts of all the devotees, there is a feeling here.

A temple is being constructed here. Let us tell you that any type of mobile phone camera is not allowed inside the temple. You will find a lot of lockers here in the temple where you can deposit your mobile phone and camera and there is a lot of security here so you will be allowed inside the temple only after checking the place thrice.

Temple timing: The temple is open from 7:30 am to 11:30 am. And after that the temple is closed. Friends, definitely come to see Lord Shri Ram, in the coming time the city of Ayodhya will become like heaven, the city of Ayodhya is being settled in a completely new way. Apart from this, you can visit Sita’s kitchen in Kanak Bhawan in Ayodhya.

Food In Ayodhya:

What is the arrangement where you get cheap food? So, there are many Canakunj and cheap hotel and restaurants in Ayodhya where you can get a full plate food for Rs 70 to Rs 100, but if you have low budget , then Amavaram temple is built near the Ram temple, where Ram Rasoi is built.they are given food for free,  you can go there and do bhajan for free.

Time To Visit Ayodhya:

let us talk about whether you should plan a trip to Ayodhya, then you can plan a trip to Ayodhya anytime between October to December.Because the weather here is very cold during that time and most of the festivals are celebrated during this time. But friends, if you go to Ayodhya on Dussehra or Diwali, you will see a huge crowd here. If you want to avoid the crowd, then you can skip these two festivals and go to Ram Lal any time of the year.

Budget For Tour:

 As for budget, this budget is for those people who are doing budget tour, have normal hotel, take Dharamshala, complete their journey by train and use local transport here.If you plan  one night trip and two people come here for travel, then you can complete the lovely trip very well in the budget of Rs.5000 to 8000. Friends, hotels in this budget. All the expenses incurred on food, drinks and local transport are included in it.

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Friends, here I have tried to give you every small and big information in a very good and correct manner. I hope that this article will  very useful in your Ayodhya journey. It will be more helpful if you have any doubt or question then ask me in comment.

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